Here it is, Madonna's Sunsilk ad debuting "4 minutes"


Here it is, Madonna's Sunsilk ad debuting "4 minutes"


Madonna's first single from her new album debuted last night in a new Sunsilk hair products TV advert. I have nothing else to say about this, except the Sunsilk campaign has more money than brains.


Is that her new song? It doesn't sound very good at all.

is it just my eyes, or does that last tagline say 'life can twat?' until it fully expands? No, it's not just my eyes.

As well as "life can twat", that word "curls" is getting dangerously close to keming itself into something I'd rather not repeat in a family website...

And people thought that kerning isn't an important job! :-)

(Also, spelling in context is also needed - without that "r", important would be impotant (and then promptly re-spelled to impotent).


Hmm, yes. I think we're starting to see a theme here. But surely Madonna wouldn't... *remembers Sex book... walks away muttering*

That reminds me about the guy who recently (story came out in February 2008) found a poster that he thought was a previously unknown Marilyn Monroe nude, and he even brought in a Marilyn Monroe 'expert' who declared it was indeed Marilyn. Before the guy was able to sell it, someone pointed out that the poster was a picture from Madonna's "Sex" (I think it's the one where she's hitchhiking nude).

So much for some experts!


Most songs sound pretty terrible when only 30 seconds are heard, the only exception I can think of is "Space Man" for Levis which was so much better than the full song. Then again, they sped it up.

I'm not sure what song that is (I don't remember that ad for Levis). Is it the Byrds "Space Man"? Or someone else?

Someone else, Bauhaus or somesuch. I can't remember now.

One-hit wonders Babylon Zoo.

I still haven't heard the song (or seen the ad, with sound), but I read the lyrics. Ugh. Doesn't seem to do it for me...

I saw somewhere that someone suggested it would be bad music for NASA to put you on hold with....

(BTW, the Byrds hit was "Mr. Spaceman").

i think the song would sound better if it weren't played on vintage casio keyboards. plus the melody itself has a weird star wars-ish vibe to it. a little too majestic for my tastes. i am picturing large scrolling words even as I type this...

and honestly if they had built a concept around madonna and star wars i would've gotten into to it more.

Here's the Babylon Zoo video of "Spaceman". I've never heard it before, except the brief high-pitched bit ("Spaceman, I always wanted you to go...") which was the clip used in the Levi's ad.

Trying to find a clip of "Nice Video, Shame About the Song" by Hale and Pace, which takes the mickey out of this sort of pretentious song.

Well, that explains why my "Hale and Pace" searches failed to turn it up... Thanks, Alex!

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