Hire these adgrunts. #HireUlrike, Hire Christine, buy the Young Lions team.


There seems to be a slight retro-revival with a new twist to the students wanting your attention right now. The Young Lions winning team are selling the "media space" of their thank you speech in Cannes, which is new, but also relying on the traditional 'Ebay-auction' to spread the idea (and hopefully sell).

Hire Christine has fallen in love with the red internetbutton of yore, and if you click, click, click, click, click it you can see her portfolio. Eventually. This is very cute.

Ulrike Schulz takes on the "I'm sorry" photograph meme, and has people fill a tumblr account with "Hire Ulrike" photos of themselves instead. #HireUlrike is an account executive, and has made this film to boot. She's looking for her dream job in the London ad scene. She's got it all, even her own hashtag.

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