H&M does an Urban Outfitters - grovels on twitter after caught infringing designers copyright

Looks like H&M got caught with their hand in the cookie-jar, selling items that seem a tad too inspired by another graphic artists work. Doing an Urban Outfitters if you will, when their necklace-copy-cat was found it became a trending topic, even if one wasn't sure of who did it first...

In this case Regretsy found out that the Atlanta designer Tori LaConsay had found items at H&M carrying the statement "You look nice today" with a design so similar to her original little billboard love letter to her neighborhood that it could be mistaken for it. There's even a photo here of the billboard taken in 2009, proving the billboard was indeed there first. Tori further states:

An email to H&M received the following response:
“We employ an independent team of over 100 designers. We can assure you that this design has not been influenced by your work and that no copyright has been infringed.”

Of course, now that everyone and their aunt has seen this, the H&M facebook page manager is busy scrubbing it clean, while twitter is catching fire spreading the word of big bad corp infringing on artists copyrights.

And yes, H&M has had to reply on twitter, too, just like Urban Outfitters did:

We're looking into the situation concerning the issues many of you've raised, will contact Tori LaConsay directly for further dialogue.

Funny how people get so up in arms for copyrights in cases like this. Tune in next week when people are whining about Megaupload being shut down again.