Hold my boobs please.

Aniela hand cupping breast ad
Meias Liz Underwear  hand cupping breast
Janet Jackson "Janet"

Many people have emailed to point out the handheld-boob trend going on right now. EURO RSCG Warsaw, did an ad explaining experience in lingerie by showing a much older womans hands cupping the breasts of a young model for Aniela. They all pointed out that ALMAP/BBDO already did this for Meias Liz Underwear.

The whole campaign for Meias Liz shows mens hands as various lingerie items, a bra, a demi-cup bra, a pair of knickers. I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean but it makes pretty pictures. The idea isn't "have your boobs cupped by our 40 years of experience" anyway. Maybe the idea was "Feel like some random man is grabbing your crotch", I don't know. Either way, not really turning me - the potential target - on enough to consider either brand of lingerie.

But, neither one of these were the first ones to cup a womans breasts. All straight males and most females on the planet have done this at one time or another. Janet Jackson relaunched her sexy self with this photo of her then husband cupping her to kick off the nineties. I'm sure if we dig around a little we can find hands cupping breasts in renaissance and caveman art.

(as a side note, I've even done a book cover where a man held a womans boobs - but then the title was You look tired sugar, shall I hold your boobs for you? so that kinda had to go there. ;)