A Holiday Lesson In Branding

Is nothing sacred? Brand Channel offers up a case study and the idea that we could all take a page from Santa's book. Happy Holidays!

Could Santa Be the World's Strongest Brand?

"Whether you believe or not. Whether you call him Santa Claus, Père Noel, Father Christmas or St. Nick. Whether you buy into the whole naughty or nice routine. You have to admit, the jolly Rubenesque man with the white beard who hails from the north is a really strong brand...

... As a model brand, we know what Santa Claus stands for; his values and passions are clear and consistent. Ask a group of colleagues or friends to describe Santa's brand attributes, and virtually everyone will use the same words: Jolly, generous, hard-working, collaborative, giving, fair. Try to yield that kind of consistent response among your customers and prospects during focus group research..."