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I went to Home Sweet Zombie and sent a bunch of Zombies to Don Drapers house on Madison avenue.

Using Google images and any Zip code +Any Name you fancy as input, the little Zombie skit can be acted out anywhere there's Google street images nearby. Which is pretty much everywhere, these days.

Created by Koko Digital for Confused.com - who will insure you for almost anything, but not against the Zombie apocalypse. Boo!

Koko developed the application by utilising Google Maps Technology, delivering a unique experience of the user’s home being swamped by Zombies. Users must put in their postcode and after doing so their hometown becomes over run by the illustrated un-dead; giving the user the impression that their home is in danger from a zombie attack! The climax of the video comes in the form of the user’s home being comically blown up when one of the Zombies eats a cake containing a bomb.
Speaking about the video app, Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at Confused.com, said: “We’re looking to get people talking about this video app and make people understand the importance of having home insurance. We want to create customer engagement and via Facebook and Twitter we want people to share and like this video, building essential relationships with our customers.’’

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