Hong Kong fashion inspired by Nazi symbolism

Izzue.com (link not currently working) made the worldwide news for their nazi fashions . The designer apparantly just wanted the clothes, and also the shop decorating concept, to have a military theme, he claims he did not realize that the Nazi symbols would be considered offensive.

Red banners and swastikas adorn the shop, and there is even a T-shirt with Adolf Hitler on it. This is one for the "what on earth were they thinking?" marketing tactic. We have all heard of Izzue.com now, but we probably won't be shopping there anytime soon.
Diplomats take Izzue with swastika promotion puns iol. Both German and Israeli diplomats were outraged.

"It's totally inappropriate because these symbols of the Nazi regime stand for cruelty and crimes against humanity," a vice consul of the German Consulate General in Hong Kong said on condition of anonymity.

"These symbols brought a lot of pain not only over Europe, but over the whole world. It's definitely not the way to promote clothes."

The diplomat urged the public to boycott the shops.

Meanwhile in Sweden, a hockey fan has been fined today for making the stiff-armed Nazi salute during a game. The salute is punishable under Swedish hate crimes law.