does it backwards

The commercial where they try to assure us that they pay attention to details sends the opposite message to me.

A minor detail is that the tape measure is used backwards in the commercial. A woman runs with the leading end to the important landmark, and once there she lets go of the tape measure it zips down the stairs, through parks, under dogs, etc until it rewinds in the hand of the doorman of the hotel.

Watch the ad here

Now, had she really wanted to measure the distance, she would have to hold the other measuring end of the tape, so that she could read the distance. In that scenario the big end of the tape measure would accelerate across town until it smacks the doorman in the nuts.

I suspect this is why we see make fools out themselves while pretending they know details, not enough nuts to show us the true scenario.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    hehe, to run the true scenario, someone would need brass balls. Or a brass jockstrap. ;)

    Oct 08, 2003