How to contact us


How to contact us

We used to have a contact form here, but then a spammer wrote a script that sent us eight thousand messages in a day, so we killed it pronto.

To contact us, simply go to your email program and send an email to hostmaster AT

PR people, you might have Dabitch's personal address in your email files. Keep in mind that it's her personal adress and not a good one to send press releases to. If your release needs that "immediate" attention, and Dabitch is otherwise engaged with something (say, on a flight with no internet) nobody else reads her personal mail. So keep sending stuff to hostmaster AT , and only hostmaster AT to ensure that it can be accessed.

Don't tweet us pitches, 140 chars is never enough. Don't send us Facebook tips - our intern never checks it. Email us, pretty please with sugar on top.

Our snailmail adress has changed. Contact us to get our current adress.