How long does it take to train a choir of animals to sing your sound design?


Last Thursday, 17th Sept, saw victory for Candle at the Radio Advertising Awards with their music and sound design commercial for London Zoo, script by Craig and Paul of Next Door.

The making of the commercial (shortly available as a "making of" DVD) shows how difficult it was to produce. ZSL London Zoo was closed to the public for the day as all the groups of animals were meticulously rehearsed to sing their parts in The Animals Went In Two By Two. Charlie conducted while Craig and Paul kept the performers on their marks and prompted them on their lines. Ben made sure that all the recording levels were correct - a tricky task with so many creatures of different size and volume.

Sadly,some animals were unable to make the final mix as they had been eaten by other members of the choir. I think you'll agree that their sacrifice has not been in vain.

The commercial won the award for Best Sound Design.
Following the runaway success of the commercial the animals are now playing over 300 back-to-back gigs in the world famous Regent's Park.

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