How to Make a Million Dollars


How to Make a Million Dollars


From the Wish I’d Thought of This Department. A 21 year old British student has just made more than US$155,000 in a month off his new website. From this story in The Daily Telegraph.

Alex Tew, who is due to go to Nottingham University next month to study business management, launched in an attempt to pay his uni fees.

The website, offering internet advertising space, is made up of one page divided into 10,000 boxes, each 100 pixels in size. You can buy one or more boxes for US$100 each and cover it with a logo, which, when clicked on, transports web users to the customers' own site.

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Watch out for my graphic on the top right of the Milliondollarhomepage on the left of the Chicken and under the Ant which will take you to

Alex launched his site on the 26th of August and initially started by emailing friends and family. And like all these Internet crazes, the thing just snowballed. Now he’s getting over 50,000 unique visitors a day and in excess of 125,000 hits!

Alexa’s "Movers and Shakers" has him at Number Three with Britney Spears (after Apple and Chevrolet).

Alex says "I started it as a way to eventually clear my student debt but if it carries on like this I’ll be a Millionaire.

"I was up late with my note pad when the idea came to me. I decided it had to be Million Dollar Home Page as Million Pound didn’t quite have the same ring to it."

Ah plan to study Business Management? Why? You've done it here. You could be teaching it. Even if no-one else buys so much as a solitary pixel, you've brained it! And such a simple idea. Well done.


crazy. the internet is so weird.

At first there was
then came
followed by

The concept, or in this case the format, is even spreading further into the "darker" corners of the net to

When will it stop?

You left out - an Australian site put up by an expat Brit. So far he hasn't sold one pixel. The "Rich Jerk" has a spot there but it's a contra deal.

I hate to be überlogical (not!) but a) nobody will honestly persue a mosaic of teeny pixel ads and find one to click on so the click-through-rate must be utter crap/nil, and b) the existance of a page which only consists of links (or images that are linked) and no 'real' content provided will be treated like a FAA or Linkfarm page by the legit searchengines in the end, which might even put the sponsored links at risk to being "punished" by the searchengines (like google) they want to be seen on. Rubberneckers brought to the page by the hyped up press might click something at random (useless from an advertising p.o.v. where targeting COUNTS!) but I betcha 99% will not. I wouldn't buy an ad there put it that way. and c) c'mon seriously, in order to get press he needs to put a few ads up on the page to get the ball rolling - it's not likely that the first ads paid him anything. But I'm sure those annoying Golden palace wankers did. and d) He'll probably have to spend all his money earned on the bandwidth bill if this keeps up. ;) .

When will it stop?

Hmmm, methinks that the 20 cent pixels homepage is a good sign that this has jumped the shark. None of the above means that I don't wish I had thought of it first. Jammy bastard.

Oy vey - it looks like it's part of a trend now. MilPixel links all rent-a-pixel/buy-a-pixel pages and there's a few more than the ones markXX mentioned. Scatch my "probably" from the idea that these pages will soon be treated like linkfarms by legit searchengines, and change it to "definatly".

In the copy-cat pages some are more interesting than others. Parents Launch the Road to a Million ( Web Site to Keep Mom at Home with Baby press release found at emediawire - sadly mom hasn't even sold a pixel yet. And Newly Released Ten Million Dollar Website Aims to Improve More Than Just the Internet press release at PRweb, "The Ten Million Dollar Website will be a great advertising platform for the whole wide world and will be more effective than the original one million dollar website. Why? Let's be honest here, what would you choose? ONE million dollar or TEN million dollar? It works like that online as well."

100% with you Dabitch. I don't get it. Who is going to be going to these pages to click on the links? Besides those who stop by the page because of the noise the press is making about it...I can't see what the draw would be to go there. Waste of money if you ask me. Not that you did. ;)

I've launched this with 500 unique visitors in 3 days

I have some enhancements, a contest page and incomming polls.

Have a look

Proof postive that this has so jumped the shark already.

I even banned a user yesterday for posting a bunch of identical "check out my millionpoundhomepage" messages in several of the different forums, namely Garyvines. People signing up only to announce their million-something page... *yawn* ... Wow. how tedious.

Ok, stop submitting your daft version of the milliondollar page people, its not interesting, it's unoriginal and it's not advertising anymore than spam is and SEO sharks are advertisers. You might think it's a fine line but I don't. This note is just here to let everyone know that no milliondollar-crap will approved again.
Latest submission from a newbie read:

It appears that the idea was not lost on a US senior who is not sick enough to be eligible for disability, but not well enough to work as in younger days

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There are website offering targeted pixels... for e.g. is offering targeted advertising for pokers....

May be money is in targeted advertising

Another free pixel advertising site :

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