I Am A Stroke


I Am A Stroke


Check out the latest five spot campaign from the American Stroke Association, starring Patrick Dempsey, Sharon Stone, Michael Clarke Duncan, Penny Marshall and Don Rickles. It's some of the most effective use of celeb endorsement that I've ever seen, playing off each of their personalities to drive the message home with class, artfulness and power. Work well done by Carmichael Lynch.

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I hate to voice a negative about such a fancy campaign, but I have this nagging thought. Does this teach anyone anything new about strokes?

Awerness about what? That strokes happen? No shit. No how do I avoid it happening to me? Who is at risk? The "everybody, young and old" doesn't quite cut it for me.

Could I change my diet? Quit smoking? Talk to my doctor about MY risk of a stroke? Anything? I'm well aware of stroke being out there - this tells me nothing new. In fact, this tells me nothing, except that Sharon can pretend to be a stroke.

Let's see here... They use the spot to get your attention by personifying the vicious nature of strokes, then ask you to learn more via their phone or web site (some things are too complicated for 30 seconds, you know), then inform you to act as fast as humanly possible if a stroke is happening by calling 911 because "time lost is brain lost." No dilly-dallying, yo.

That's not a message? That's not a call to action? That doesn't point you towards more information that you're asking for?

Fellow Anonymous, you must've had a stroke or something if you missed all that.

I didn't have a stroke, a family member however did. We called 911 at once, and he was in Hospital care within ten minutes. He died unfortunately.

Perhaps I'm seeing it through the eyes of personal experience too much here and it may be clouding my creative brief judgement... But since everyone around when it happened knew it was most likely a stroke, and teams of colleagues rushed to the phones (it happened while he was at the office) I doubt the "time lost is brain lost" message is the one that needs to get through. People knew that already ten years ago.

We need to know how we prevent one.

Simmer, folks.

I think one aspect that the PSAs are trying to counter is the good old Middle America "shake it off / it'll pass / wait a minute and he'll be fine / doctor's are bad" attitude.

That attitude is more prevalent that you might think, especially with the older generations.

Wish I could see the brief to see if I'm right or close or way off the map.

I betcha a beer that you're spot on, dude.

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