If Cannes Lions had a "worst PR" category, BP and Israel would compete for the Grand Prix

BP certainly don't have it easy, with all their operations to stop the flow. Now they're rolling out a campaign to help them with their image. Clearly missing @BPGlobalPR spot on advice The best way to get people to respect your brand is to be respectable their image-cleanup efforts is tanking just as hard as Top Hat, Top Kill and whatever else they failed to come out on top with did for that pesky oil leak.

But there are some that are actually doing a lot worse in managing their public image right now. This youtube film, spoofing the "We are the world" song but with the lyrics 'We con the world , We con the people, We'll make them all believe the IDF is Jack the Ripper' sung by "Captain Stabbin'" and friends (a reference to Captain Stubing of the Love boat?) was circulated by the Israeli government.

Retracting their original linkage of the film, the Israeli government spokesmen nevertheless maintain that the video is "fantastic" and "what Israelis feel.". The sound you just heard was half of the planet facepalming in sync.

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