If Kim Kardashian makes ten thousand dollars a tweet, why can't Twitter? (or I!?)


Kim Kardashian reportedly makes ten thousand dollars per tweet, tipping people to Rebook EasyTone training shoes, quick trim body, and Carl's Jr - there's consistency for ya.

This leads Jim Edwards at B|Net to ask "If Kim Kardashian Can Get $10K a Tweet Why Can't Twitter?". He concludes with a thought:

One answer is that Twitter may not want to find out what its real revenue stream would be if it sold inventory to advertisers. The company may be (mistakenly) valued more highly by potential acquirers if they don’t know what the potential revenue actually is. The moment Twitter becomes a grown-up business and sells ads, it would generate a revenue stream that would allow investors to accurately calculate how much the company is worth.

What is Twitter worth? Techcrunch reckons (complete with pie-charts) that if Facebook is worth $10 Billion, Twitter is Worth $1.7 Billion. All that money on what people still say is just a waste of time.

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