If you don't deserve an award, who does?

“If you don’t deserve an award who does?” is a campaign created by la comunidad to raise awareness for the annual One Show’s Call for Entries (Deadline: January 31, 2008. To download a Call for Entries PDF, go to www.oneclub.org).

Made for creatives by creatives, this campaign is a tribute to the sacrifices creatives make in their lives to achieve excellence. The campaign consists of posters, print, videos (wife, bear, frankenstein) and interactive, including "hack man", a video game.

The creative team at la comunidad behind the campaign is Gus Lauria and Philip Bonnery and the creative directors are Jose Molla and Joaquin Molla.

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  • Toste's picture

    Are there Quicktimes available? My office gear won't do flash. The IT department are nazis and refuse to install Flash.

    Jan 08, 2008
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    I asked for them but they said the files were too big to send or something. bah. Also find it interesting that in the information they send us they mention 3 ads, yet only the two posted seem to be on youtube.

    Jan 08, 2008
  • The One Show's picture
    The One Show

    The third video will be released at the end of this week!

    Jan 08, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    That's nice - in Quicktime we hope?

    Jan 09, 2008

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