If you see a pyro-tech running... Keep up. Pyrotechnik-legalisieren.de wants to legalize it


The site pyrotechnik-legalisieren.de is a campaign site to legalize all kinds of crazy pyro-tech in crowds. "Respect emotions" is their tagline, and I'm sure we'll soon see a counter-campaign stating "respect other peoples limbs, ears and eyes". Personally I love anything that goes bang, boum, ka-bloooey as long as I am the one in control of the fuse or detonator, so I kinda see where these guys are coming from. Crowds and fireworks are a scary combination though, I'm amazed that I've survived 4 new years eves in Amsterdam's Nieuwmarkt which tends to go a little nuts /understatement.

You can from the pyrotechnik-legalisieren site download the pyro-tech legalize it manifest as well as posters and laster your neighborhood with.

Terrible Google translation from German about the campaign.

Germany football: It's time to finally serious about pyrotechnics to talk. It's time that previously in this one-sided Guided discussion not only those to speak who would like to stadiums in Germany as an audience in the theater. Or those who equate Pyrotechnics rampage and while doing so just feel like it stands to increase their quota or requirement. Or even to push through an absurd security rule. It is time for those to speak who appear on the subject of pyrotechnics in the headlines and the over is judged: We ultras.
We love pyrotechnics!
We want to make it clear from the beginning. But not for the background. No! This is not a hypocritical statement to make it right to those who share our vision of football and not fight. We want Bengal fire, smoke pots, etc. on arrival of the teams, after the goal, with special songs and choreography as.
Because we are followers of a lively and cheerful pyrotechnics. We love the unique atmosphere when the teams come onto the pitch and be accompanied by red lights under the lights. We love the emotions that are associated with a bonfire out of the gate. We love it when the curve goes down in a sea of ​​colors. We love the fireworks, just as we love our fence flags, choreography, singing. And we will not let us take. Flares and the bright colors of the smoke are an integral part of fan culture. Pyrotechnics is a means for us to create festive mood, some of the often-cited südländischen atmosphere!

I'll be saying südländischen all day now.

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