Ikea Enthusiasts Dream of Sweden

IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprand Elmtaryd och Agunnaryd. The first is the founders name, the third and fourth are the small towns in småland where the Ikea saga began. Particle Board in swedish = spånplatta - say that ten times fast.

The Washingtonpost reports on the Ikea Dreamers that are camping out in style as they wait for the first Ikea store to open in Prince George County - they are camping outside in a large tent provided by Ikea, much like fans of popstars que up for concert tickets days in advance. They must be desperate for cheap colorful designer furniture and knick-knacks around there.

If you have Realplayer installed - go straight to the video.

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    wait, if they have campers outside do they have Ikea groupies as well?

    Jun 23, 2003