Ikea wins Grand Prix for "Lamp" film


Ikea wins Grand Prix for "Lamp" film


Spike Jonze sad story about a lamp won the Grand Prix in Cannes Lions.

Ikea Unböring - Lamp

Suddenly I owe countless people beers, as I had bet on the other favourite "Cog" spot for Honda to win, despite the wrench in the cog.

The Ikea ad was made by Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami. This is the fourth year in a row where the Grand Prix has gone to a US based agency.

The U.S. scored 26 trophies including six Golds this year, thats two more trophies than last year so you may lay the French revenge theory to rest.

Wieden + Kennedy led the way, winning Gold Lions for the spots "Before" and "Angry Chicken," and for the ESPN series "Shelfball." They also won a silver Lion for the Nike spot "Wild Horses" (also known as "herd") and a pair of bronze trophies for the Nike commercials "Rucker Park" and "Young Love."

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners picked up two gold Lions one for Saturn "Sheet Metal" and one for "Birthday" a milk spot.

The sixth U.S. Gold went to none other than Office Linebacker Terry Tate in a commercial for Reebok from the Arnell Group. We like the streaker in the Terry Tate series.

Links leads to films in The commercial archive, which is "super adgrunt" area.


Doubter Anonymous: follow this link to other news sources that picked up the story much later (you heard it here first!)

USA Today reports "Ikeas Lamp" wins at the olympics of advertising.

Sorry, I do not think this is worthy of the Grand Prix.

Are you sure this is not an error?

Error in what way? Oh as in "the real winner was ROBBED" error? That happens every year at Cannes, where have you been?

I got one slang word for you - whaaaaaasssup. Grand Prix winner. ::cries::

I will continue to drown my tears in all the beer I'm buying now for foolishly hoping the Cog would win. aaargh. The BAFTA awards were better this year. IMHO of course.

star director, Hip agency (in the US), slightly quirky film = no error. I was betting on The Lamp to win.

(in other words, Dabitch owes ME a beer! Ha!)

oh my nooo!!! The lamp is NOT a Grand Prix winner! Sheet Metal, Cog and even "baby" from MTV were better!

from Jim Hanas elert:

"Everybody felt very good about the winner," said jury president Dan Wieden. "What it does is it connects with this insight into human nature, that we form irrational attachments to these objects, and then it slaps you for having this attachment. And it solves a business problem that keeps the sector from growing as much as
it could, which is that people do form these attachments." Added jury member Nick Bell, executive creative director at J. Walter Thompson/London. "It's just a very, very fresh idea and a new piece of thinking."

are they stoned?? New Idea? what the hell?

Other unboring (I refuse to use the letter

Don't despair - at least Cog got some recognition - according to the Guardian today:

"......the commercials production company behind Honda's "Cog", won production company of the year"

but how it ended up third is beyond me, granted I have not seen the Xbox "Ear Tennis" advert yet.

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