Image searchengine resells your images - without paying you.


Image searchengine resells your images - without paying you.

Do you have photographs online? You might be interested to know that Kvasir.no, an image searchengine not only displays your images but actually sells them to people for 10 NOK a pop - without sharing the revenue with the people who own the image.

Lets have a look shall we? Search on Dabitch and you'll find that my mother in there. For cat lovers there's my cat Henry, for scooter lovers there's my vespas and for turtle lovers there's my turtle.

Pressefotografforbundet in Denmark have a quote from lawyer August Ringvold who calls it "Plain image theft". Kvasir.no - which is owned by Eniro - defends themselves saying that the images are only shown in 128*128 pixels and that there is no court precedent that forbids this. However, after pissing off thousands of photographers they have removed the "buy this image for your phone"-link, for now.



That is just completely FUBAR. That's just like saying if you only use a small portion of a patented idea it is OK.

I think they're likening it to a quote of a larger work - like quoting a paragraph from a book. Which is ok. I've seen similar reasoning around images before. "If it's small it's ok". Except images are not text. And copyrights aren't patents. But you know that, I know. ;)

Right. I see. Except when you use a quote or excerpt you also are supposed to state where it came from and who said it. Never seen anyone include that in the arguement about images (although I've not had a chance to fully read the links).

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