Inspired by webmovies - or just plain lazy?


Inspired by webmovies - or just plain lazy?

On the web funny clips have been circulating for as long as we could make them.. Animations, home movies, web-cams, you name it, it's out there..
But commercials using clips found on the web? Now there's an original idea...

Images to the left are the web-movies, probably taken from "worlds most horrifying home-movies" or the likes (try searching "faces of death" on limewire and see what you get - be prepared some of those films are very unfunny). Images on the right are from Southwest airlines commercials..

The beach-scene was re-shot for the commercials obviously
- but we can still see huge similarities with the source...

Too inspired or simply inspired?

To view any of the web movie clips on the left above - follow these links: Note - ancient article links don't work . - para-shoot! grph/ads/ - brand you sir - - beach fall. used to have the commercials for Southwest, it's subscribers only now.


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