Ip# migration propagation etcetera


Ip# migration propagation etcetera

So hi kids, Adland the commercial-archive.com has migrated from our old IP to a new one since we've actually physically migrated from the Thames Valley Hosting centre, hosted by memset to a new superior facility in Fareham, also hosted by memset.

Here's something people don't think about when it comes to servers and websites, but are they environmentally friendly? Ours actually, is. Yes indeed. Or rather as environmentally friendly as something that eats electricity 24/7 can be, buy choosing where they get this electricity from wisely.

Anyway, we moved a few weeks back and now I just migrated the IP numbers. If you noticed any sudden glitch that would have been me messing with things. My bad. It may take 24 hours for the new IP#'s to propagate.

Now, pardon me while I dash off to yet another meeting. (and this is why I've posted nothing else today, sorry I'll get right on that whole "cloning myself" project. ta-ta!)


Better check out "Multiplicity" (from 1996) first! :-)

Horrible movie. Perhaps I shall replace myself with a very small shell script. ;)

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