The iPad head girl. She's got sex on the brain.

Everyone is tweeting like mad about the "cool viral video" iPad head girl that I first saw over at Elma alt shift, and I must admit... I don't get it.

Oh I get the idea, it's funny. The iPad instead of head actually reminds me of a great Apple powerbook ad from the early nineties, where "what's in your powerbook?" was the question, and portraits of powerbook owners posing with their computers and long lists of what programs they used was the answer.
One of the celebrity pairs of people in the ads was (presumably) the creative team who wrote the campaign. The Art Director held his powerbook in front of his face in the photograph, and on the screen was a bitmapped portrait of himself. I always thought that photograph was a much better campaign idea, nestled into their ho-hum but award-winning campaign. The art director had visually responded to the question by saying "me" .. is in the powerbook.

So when I saw ipad head girl, I thought of him. Then I watched people react to the iPad head girl, and suddenly a man sits down next to her and starts using the 'face' iPad... To look up "the CFG Sex map" and "decode her bedroom sounds". You can like this viral if you want to but I'm kinda squicked out.

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