iPhone you, iPhone me, we're a happy iphony.


iPhone you, iPhone me, we're a happy iphony.

Ms Taylor at adfreak wonders "what can't the iPhone do" after seeing this youtubefied video below from the Conan o'Brian show, my answer is 'get an original name'. Because yaknow, Cisco already has an iPhone. And Cisco is ready to sue apple for the name.

Hat tip for the Cisco info-nugget to researcher.



Haven't you read your fav swedish adblog? The latest in the story is that Cisco doesn't own the name... so it probably will be iHell in the iCourt, where iJobs is doing his show.

Dammit, I knew I had read that somewhere but I was drawing a blank as to where this morning so I just googled for it. Apologies and hat tipping you in post. Cheers.

And now they say they own it - but only in US. And that they haven't done any legalities when other companies have used the iPhone-name...

This story is getting more wacked everyday... Can't everyone just hug and love eachother? ;)

This is just stupid. But of course I'm biased. I even named my daughter Apple.

Ah, so kyooot. But yaknow, she's 'like totally die'* when this image still haunts the web in her teenage years. ;)

* or however teens speak in the future.

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