iPodification of St. George subway, Toronto


iPodification of St. George subway, Toronto


MacMinute.com shows pictures of the St. George subway station in downtown Toronto, which has been turned into one giant iPod ad. The garbage cans, pillars and even the staircases have been covered in the colorful iPod ads.


I think it's overkill. I see a million riders a day on the subway with their white headphones. iPod doesn't need to poster themselves in that environment. If they want more sales, they should consider lowering their prices!

Funny, I had the same "they're preaching to the converted"-thought about it, after hearing friends describe the morning commutes white headphone mafia. I might get an iPod if the price was right, I'd prefer a mini one as I subscribe to the theory that mp3 players should be smaller than any tapes, CD's or Minisdiscs....I'm happy with what I've got though, and It's got black headphones. If I did get an iPod, the first thing I'd change are them headphones.

I have a better mp3 player that is cheaper. iPods look great, are sexy and sleek, but it can't do as much as I want it to do, like play ogg vorbis.

This plastering is just overkill, invading all my space with ads will not make me think kindly of your "cool" product.

Although I think this was better than the ordinary greyish stone-color...

ah, but that subway has white tiles normally. Very posh.

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