Irony today: French Hadopi new Anti-Piracy logo infringes on copyright.

Remember the name Jean-Francois Porchez people, he is our hero in this hilarious story.

The French Police have a special force called Hadopi , which is set up specifically to stop piracy and illegal downloads. When they unveiled their new logo - and French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand, said that Hadopi "finally had a face" - Jean-Francois Porchez spotted his typeface in the design. The typeface he had sold exclusively to France Telecom. You can't make this stuff up.

The design agency Plan Creatif that created the Hadopi logo has now admitted it used the typeface by mistake and the design had now been "tweaked".
But Mr Porchez said he was still considering legal action against the government for illegal use of his design.

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