Israel Loves Iran

When you run into a good idea it is hard to ignore it. When it is a ridiculous idea it is absolutely impossible.

I guess many Israelis that saw the “Israel Loves Iran” indie campaign thought to themselves that this cannot be ignored. Putting aside the political issue, I wonder if this is the next generation of political campaigns. It doesn’t take much to make some noise in social media, put up a Facebook page, YouTube channel, link everything to a website, or in this case a subdomain at a website where most of its pages lead to 404 error page, and you got yourself a homemade campaign. Next stage is tipping the traditional media that every story, as absurd as it maybe will make them bit the bite since it involves Facebook.

To be honest, I see here a great opportunity for creative people wanting to make their breakthrough in the industry. The couple behind this campaign are Ronny Edry and Michal Tamir, graphic designers from Tel Aviv.

Knowing how hard it is to find a job as a designer in Israel the couple found a way to get some attention for their work, not only in Israel, but worldwide, where this idea of Civil Activists sounds so heroic.
When you come to think about that, Kony2012 was also started by a person claiming he is an ordinary graphical designer.

From now on leaders of political revolutions would rethink who is more useful for their uprising, the common people or graphical designers that can also edit kitch clips for YouTube.

I would say that “Israel Loves Iran” is so Arab Spring 2011 but with Kony2012 this may be called The New Kony2012. But forget these Facebook revolution, they are not as entertaining as the flood of memes “Israel Loves Iran” generated.