Italian banned commercial featuring Freddy Krueger goes viral


Italian banned commercial featuring Freddy Krueger goes viral


In this italian banned commercial produced by Euro RSCG, Freddy Krueger breaks into a party where everybody is having fun. But this time he will not kill anyone... ehehe

After a few flights on italian TV, this commercial has been banned because considered too frightening for little children. Now it's on air on the web and it's spreading the world throught world-of-mouth.

Enjoy it on


I'm sorry but that was so predictable it was like watching the punchline come at me in sonic slow-mo.

I don't know what sucks more, this ad or YOUTUBE. Please people, when you submit ads here could you lay offthe third-party crapola video-hosting?

To be fair, the directing isn't bad. It's just the idea that's predicatble.

.... Again, youtube is currently not responding so I'm moving this post off the front page. (must be a najor headache keeping the youtube serverfarms up).

Could be due to a contest they announced on E! TV Friday on Talk Soup. Might be clogging their bandwidth or somethin. Seems cyberbyber shows are going to be the next reality show crap.

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