Bavaria beer’s "The Drop" depicts a long glorious journey for a pristine drop of water, which ends up not so pristine, finally meeting a not so gloriously end by a clueless bartender (and his best friend). The far from home theme has been done before, as well as the evolution theme (See Guiness), but the payoff brings it down to earth, and spins the seen it before execution nicely. (Supposedly, the intent was that the bartender is clueless, and that his block of the impure drop was accidental. Not sure that angle helps the cause, in that, Bavaria *sometimes* catches impurities?) An alternate song ending can be found here.

Agency: Selmore (Kim and Jarr Geerligs Triesscheijn) Produced by: Bonkers-Amsterdam Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Post/Effects: Eight VFX) Music: Massive Music

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