It's sacrilege! It's funny! It's blasphemy! It's advertising! It's your call.

This has been an interesting find -- Never before have I found a(n) homage to advertising that has created such enthusiastically opposing responses from those I have shown it to. Produced in 1998, it somehow remained underground... until now.

It's a short film entitled New Testament, created by the folks at Swankytown. It won a handful of US film festival awards, received a nifty write-up by Apple, and miraculously cost under two grand to make.

Their synopsis: New Testament is an outrageous special-effects-filled comedy that targets corporate advertising by asking the question: Is there any taboo the free market won't trample over in order to pursue its profit? The answer comes in the form of a gleeful nightmare of a TV commercial that involves a dancing Jesus Christ, twelve lascivious Apostles, and a very sexy Mary Magdalene singing the praises of a curiously red wine-cooler called New Testament, "the favorite brew of the King of Jews!"

To view, go to Underground Film and enter "New Testament" in the films search field on the left side of the page. Then click "view" under the appropriate result that pops up. Once you're at its page, I recommend choosing the best view movie option, if your system/connection can handle the meaty 16.7Meg file. Check it out, be sure to sit through the credits to take in the very special "Believe in the Profit" ditty, then come on back and share your view. You'll be ubercool and found undeniably attractive by potential romantic interests if you do.

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