It's Sunday, which means I'm cleaning.


It's Sunday, which means I'm cleaning.

I've done six loads of laundry, scrubbed the bathroom sparkling clean, tried to redecorate the bedroom with awesome gold wallpaper and now I'm re-indexing the website. So if you can't find anything at all using the image search, the commercials only search or the default site search right now, it's because the site has had it's memory erased by me.

It'll gradually re-remember everything over the next hour as it spiders itself. Meanwhile google search might help - or just browse the topics. Sorry about the inconvenience guys, and could you move your feet a little? I need to vacuum there. *huuuuooooooooooooooooooom-CLANK-Pitz-uuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooom* Shoot, was that an earring?


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Ha! I spent yesterday trying

Ha! I spent yesterday trying to get started on cleaning after doing a load of laundry for each of the previous four nights. Having your sisters both coming to town in under a week is great motivation. I haven't tackled the bathroom yet, but I'm on the same spring cleaning track that you are.

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*passes the ajax spray

*passes the ajax spray bottle and sponge* Godspeed payote. I'm hoping to be done sometime tomorrow night, but really this house needs a full week of cleaning. Windows, so dirty! Yuck!

It's actually kind of fun to try the search when it's not completed. Like a flashback to 2002. ;)

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Ho-kay, the search engine is

Ho-kay, the search engine is all shiny and new now so I'm taking this off the front page so as not to confuse peeps.

*dances away in a cloud of fresh lemony scent*

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