iTunes Pepsi bottle caps have bad ink

A big mistake has happened with the Pepsi itunes bottlecaps. Apparantly the ink is not resistant to the sugar water. A massive number of complaints have already reached PepsiCo, as people were not able to read the code. Pepsi admits they made a mistake that causes the print to go blurry, they now offer this website to tell you what to do.
Youngamericas bottlecapform. You'll need to snailmail them your name, complete address, daytime phone number, email address and date of birth.

One wonders if the mistake was on purpose. If you think about How much your personal information is worth, you just gave Pepsi $17.50 in return for a 99-cent iTunes song. A Bargain!
hat tip to Gezellig

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    even worse, I'm on an 0-for-4 streak with these damn caps, and I don't even like Pepsi. We'll see what the real odds, won't we!

    Feb 14, 2004

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