Jaffa Cake introduces the lick-able lift!


Jaffa Cake introduces the lick-able lift!


Michief PR and McVitie's have come up with the lick-able Jaffa Cake sticker, so they can get images like these, and have decorated an entire office elevator with them. Yes, they taste like Jaffa cakes! It's the lucky folks at Engine that get to lick their elevator walls all day long, which will get boring by next week. 1,325 Jaffa Cakes and four weeks of painstaking planning is what it took to have this polka-dotted joy of a ride in the office.

Don't worry there won't be an office outbreak of lip herpes, as a bell boy removes each licked sticker once it's been licked by someone says Jaffa cakes Facebook: "On the hygiene point - once a Jaffa Cake is licked they're removed by the bell boy (out of shot) so no-one else can lick them. "

I want to know, does the lift smell like Jaffa cakes? Mmmm.


Still, I wouldn't lick it.
And normally, I don't mind licking! ;-)

I wouldn't lick it, what if he forgets to remove one?

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