Jeremy Scott shoes not racist. Just "inspired," by My Pet Monster.

Now that we've all calmed down about Jeremy Scott's "Shackle Shoes," and adidas decided not to release them after all the fury, according to the Observer we get this.

The article, is quite illuminating. First of all, no one but sneaker heads (bloggers who get free pairs of shoes and then write about them) cared abut these for six months until adidas posted a photo on facbeook. And then the rest of the world freaked.

The article then goes on to say what adidas won't. The shoes are, in the Observer's words, is (pretty explicitly) inspired by: 90s cartoon/toy sensation My Pet Monster.

Why wouldn't the adidas just say that? Well, the article thinks it might have something to do with copyright law. Judging by the similarities, it helpfully points out. That and the fact Jeremy Scott has professed a love of cartoons and whatnot, and has even done cartoon themed fashion lines before.

The article even points to other sneakerheads seeing a correlation between My pet Monster and the shoes, ending with Result: Jeremy Scott is not racist. He just enjoys 90s kids cartoons. Case closed.

Fair enough. He isn't racist. WE AGREE! End of story!

Except...unless he got permission for his tribute kinda sounds like...he might be infringing...on someone else's....copyright. No?