Jill Greenberg photograph not cleared for banner ad usage. Ever.

Update time kids - I was right (ain't I always?) - the Jill Greenberg crying child photograph was not sold for commercial use at all. I knew that wasn't her style to sell her art project photographs for commercial use. I thought - even hoped, I'll admit - that there might have been some shady imagebank screwup involved, whom we could all agree to spend hate on, but as Admeta has told me over there telephone, it was all "a mistake".

A mistake. Taking someones artwork and making it an ad was just "woopsie".

Meanwhile Ms Greenberg has contacted me and confirmed that this is a case of copyright infringement, as well as a case of model release troubles. Remember, that little girl has parents who never agreed to this type of publication either.

Please see original thread here: Greenberg's crying toddlers used in ads for Admeta (Sweden).