Jimmy Kimmel Live to air live ads.


Jimmy Kimmel Live to air live ads.


Looks like Jimmy Kimmel has stopped f**king around. Starting in May 2008, his show will start airing live ads. Is the ad industry returning back to the Fifties where there were a ton of product placements and sponsorships? If so, then liquid lunches may not be far behind.


My predictions:

1. ABC will sell the first one cheap.
2. The first advertiser will be someone who’s comfortable with risk.
3. The first advertiser will also have a marketing department with relatively few Layers of Approval.
4. The first advertiser will be able grasp the concept that their spot must integrate seamlessly into the rest of the Kimmel show.
5. ABC and especially Kimmel himself will encourage #4 by insisting on being a “creative partner” in the spot. And owning the content, as it’s part of the show.
6. The first spot will be a success. It will get lots of hits on YouTube. It will get mentioned in the New York Times. It will actually be funny.
7. Madison Ave. will sprout wood.
8. ABC will sell the next ones for not so cheap.
9. As a tradeoff for the bigger bucks, ABC and Kimmel won’t meddle with the content.
10. The quality of the spots will drop like a rock.
11. Viewers (who are watching on DVR to begin with) will fast-forward.
12. Advertisers will remember there’s an upside to frequency, especially if your ad is an unentertaining turd.
13. Game over.

Wait, we stopped doing liquid lunches? I didn't get the memo.

It got sent out around 12:15 PM - Oh, right, that's when you were out to 'lunch'.... :-)

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