John Cleese at the Institute of Backuptrauma


John Cleese at the Institute of Backuptrauma


At the Institute of backuptrauma John Cleese plays Dr. Twain Weck in the film where he educates the unwashed masses on the horrors of using tape backup. Hat Tip to Clayton.


The MarketingProfs have an article about thi svirals succes up now.

The end results were what Mr. Cleese would have introduced by saying, "And now, for something completely different." Buzz in the industry. Dozens of blogs linking to Live Vault's site. Over 100,000 views of the video within six weeks. Web traffic that increased by a factor of ten. And thousands of sales leads generated.

How did this viral phenomenon go from wacky idea to revenue-generating success?

To learn how it happened, you have to get into the minds of Doug Feinburg, Fred Surr and yours truly (Ted Page)

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