Jonas Jäger opens up "Augmented businesscards" website


Jonas Jäger who originally posted about his augmented businesscard here has decided to open up, site just for his project. When I first saw the demo, I had one of those "Woah, that's cool, I totally wish I had thought of that and had been able to actually do it".
Jonas' original blogpost was overrun with comments and questions, a whole bunch from Star Wars fans who need their own augmented reality cards displaying Princess Leia right this minute.

Everyone chill, you will soon be able to download the source code and go wild.

Augmented Business Card from jonas on Vimeo.

(another "woah, that's cool" today was discovering Another brick in the Wall-E. I would like to place a big sloppy wet kiss on the internet for showing me new ways of really messing with my daughters head on a daily basis.)

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