jumP's Ziegler Knocks out Best Short at Michael Moore's Film Fest


jumP's Terence Ziegler left the seventh-annual Traverse City Film Festival in style this year, waltzing out with the Founders Prize for Best Short Film. The winning piece, Jesus Was a Commie, is a thought-provoking piece of filmic art, co-directed by Ziegler himself, in collaboration with Matthew Modine, who also starred in the film.

A 15-minute narrative-visual essay, the film blends (courtesy of Ziegler), footage of historical societal upheavals with one man's journey around modern Manhattan, asking viewers to consider Jesus' teachings through the lens of the modern world. How, the film asks, would we classify Jesus if he were alive today, practicing the philanthropic rituals and preaching the lifestyle of his legend? Would we in fact consider him a communist?

Watch the trailer here.

Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore founded the Traverse City Film Festival, which in 2011 screened more than 100 films and sold more than 120,000 tickets.

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