Just the Place You'd Want Company

The advertising industry has some pretty odd things out there they choose to focus on, but none has ever been so weird as...the butt.

Starburst has blasted forward with a new campaign ad, and it's one of their oddest yet. We watch a guy going through what is practically a whole day of his life, only we're seeing all this from a very odd angle. We're looking at his bottom.

He rushes from place to place, while we watch his back pocket which seems to contain a candy package of some sort. After watching the guy's whole day, it's discovered that the package is a Starburst. Words flash on the screen and the announcer reads, "They keep your butt company".

Every time I see this commercial, I think to myself, "They're joking, right?" I mean, come on! Why in Hell would I want Starburst, let alone anything else, to keep my bottom company? If you've got a reason for why you'd like Starburst to keep YOUR butt company, don't hesitate to share. I'd really like to hear it.

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