This just in - Terry Tate jumps the shark.


This just in - Terry Tate jumps the shark.


Not personally, but the Dorm Linebacker has done it for him.

Somewhere, off in the distance, a fat lady is singing as the Wassup guys join in. Sigh.

Up next - Hospital Linebacker, Library Linebacker, National Park Linebacker, Crossing Guard Linebacker, Department of Motor Vehicles Linebacker, Mommy Linebacker and Funeral Home Linebacker. Just you wait and see.

For the uninitiated, the concept of jumping the shark is defined here and illustrated here.


Shit, man. I was hoping the first inevitable parody of the Terry Tate phenom would at least be a bit funny.

I actually feel sad for Reebok. They deserved better.

Aye. I did snigger at the commons lounge mackin' couch bit - unfortunately, that only took up two seconds or so of the three and a half minutes.

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