Justin Biebers girlfriend spawns Overly Attached Girlfriend meme

The boy wonder Justin Bieber has released a perfume, called "girlfriend" of course, for maximum sell. His earlier perfume "Someday" promised perhaps in the future, while this one commits. So does the launch campaign created by @BBHLa, at Justin Bibers Girlfriend there's a competition going down with 5 hours left. It asks you to rap new lyrics over the "boyfriend" song - a task that it seems a millions girls were quite up for. Yesterday tumblr crashed due to the constant reblogging of Justin Biebers girlfriend.

Now, girls auditioning over the internet to be Justin Biebers girlfriend (in the ad) is ripe for meme-making, and meme-making has already happened. This lady turned her audition into a hilarious example of overly possessive girlfriend combined with the famed youtube staredown. Girl should be a comedian. Her audition already spawned the twitter account Overly Attached GF who stalks Justin 24/7.

"I deleted your porn. And replaced it with videos I made for you."
"I poked holes in all the condoms. Now you have to love me forever!"
"Lets leave skype on, so I can watch you sleep"
-- @AttachedGF