The JWT graduates are 10 times filtered...


The JWT graduates are 10 times filtered...


The JWTgrads are 10 times filtered - just like the Smirnoff Vodka commercial that came out of JWT last year. I have no idea if this means that JWT graduates go well with some tomato juice, worcester sauce, tabasco and a stick of celery but I'll give anything a try once.


Yes as graduates we do love to work for JWT! Cause no one steals our ideas , we love our bosses .. this is why we bringing them coffee all the time! While we are not underpaid for all the long hours we put in. We love our jobs and we try very very hard to be the best graduates . Oh bless .....JWT internal propaganda

Ah, you can see my old desk about a minute and a half in :)

Brings back some memories.

It's such a small ad-world, you can see my old office in this Cannes commercial. :))

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