JWT Tunisias ad copies Thomas Manosky's "Sorry I'm Late". Badland.

After Tunisiana posted the film to their facebook page netheads got teed off and called out the plagarism at once, the comments got heated enough for the film to be removed. But that doesn't stop other people from talking about it, you can find the films side by side in french language Mac forums, and Blogd2com pointed out last year that Tunisianas campaign already had some copy-cat issues.

Swedish tradepress Resumé contacted Tomas Mankovsky and got these choice quotes from him.

"It's a little sad that they didn't come to me first, when they have sold something that I've already developed. It feels like some creatives should get the title "researchers" as they sit and scan the web for ideas that they can sell to clients. But this isn't a new phenomena, and at the same time it's nice to know that someone thought "I like this, I want my own version". They should at least have tried to take it further, add something new, like for example Shynolas new video for Coldplay.

Sorry I'm Late - 2007

The movie has been removed from the facebook acccount, and Resumé asks what Tomas thinks about this:

I think the client is doing the right thing. Recently there's been a few obvious rip-offs, like RKCR:s Blu-influenced film for Radio6 and Pig and the Wolf-influenced film for Olympus PEN. Both brand have suffered some damage from this, as many people know about the originals, and feel that the large corporations are surfing on the hard work of someone else. So when the companies begin to shy away from advertising agencies that have a habit of ripping things off, it sends healthy signals to the adpeople out there

Thomas Manosky worked most recently at Fallon London, but left this spring to start his own company Manosky. He even adds that JWT Tunisias CEO has called him up and invited him to Tunisia to explore film ideas with them after all the hubub.

The floor is now open for all the "Late" puns y'all can think of.