Ka-ching says the Disney machine as they pose 9-years olds around a stripper pole

Really? Seriously? Who thought this was a good idea? Disney, have you checked yourselves lately? It was one thing when Miley Cyrus began working the pole, but as BoingBoing and half the internet points out: "related images basically present these kids" - who are only 9 years old - "as cute li'l whores". Could we not go there, please? A "lingerie line for children"? Can't type anymore, my jaw has dropped and crushed my keyboard äöläökef'ir våeeeeeeeeek.

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    Joan Nguma (not verified)

    This is so great l wish l could get those stuff but l just don't have a chance but still l am so popular
    l just need to focus on studies :)

    Nov 05, 2012