#Karen26 gets second wind as it reaches BoingBoing


Boingboing just posted about the Karen26 video stunt, so we can probably count on another mob calling for someone to get fired.

Recap: Ad campaign (this was a teaser) created by Grey. Seeded Goviral and paid for by Visit Denmark. In the end Dorte Kiilerich, CEO of VisitDenmark resigned, as the ad cause such a backlash in Denmark. Backlash was spearheaded by Extrabladet where the journalists had initially fallen for the stunt hook line and sinker.

Our posts on the story:
"Karen" the Danish mother seeking is actually Ditte Arnth
A quick chat at the kitchen table: Bambusing about Karen26 & Extrabladets need to shift blame
Not quite done with Karen26 - this what you did wrong Grey and GoViral.
Karen26 on The O'Reilly Factor FOX News last night

...and, since it was such a fantastic failure, it ended up on our Top Ten Marketing Mishaps in the past ten years list.

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    Wow, that was quite the number of retweets they got for the story.

    Jan 08, 2010

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