#Karen26 on The O'Reilly Factor FOX News last night

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#Karen26 on The O'Reilly Factor FOX News last night


Ah, it's the marketing mishap that keeps on giving. Congratulations to Ditte Arnth, you're one step away from Hollywood as O'Reilly and Jane Skinner talks about Karen26 on The O'Reilly Factor FOX News last night.
The O'Reilly Factor shows the edited youtube video and the comments start off like this:

Karen26: ..I don't remember where you're from.. I don't even remember your name...
O'Reilly : Excellent.

Excellent? When were you in Denmark last O'Reilly? Was that a slip-up? Hehe, I slay me. Skinner then quotes Visit Denmarks CEO Dorte Kiilerich seemingly shocked that a woman could approve this ad; 'We're telling a nice and sweet story about a modern responsible woman, that lives in a free society ...'

Update File under funny: FP Passport says ....But did anyone really think this painfully awkward 2 1/2 minute monologue would be enticing to anyone? Then again, this is the country that produced Lars Von Trier, so you never know.

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Seriously, I think Denmark punk'd the world with this one.

Hang on, when was it that you visited again? Have you checked around to see that there aren't any little Erics running around? ;) I mean, you did have the girls in the Karayoke bar screaming like Beatles fans when you Banged-a-gong.

Gosh, you know, you lay half of Copenhagen and suddenly everyone thinks their babies are yours...

Yes, that ad is 100% true-to-life. I love me some hygge. And by "hygge" I mean sexual intercourse with easy Scandinavians.

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