Katjes - no, no, no!

In Denmark the candy-brand Katjes have been slapped with an ad ban. The german brand Katjes have been selling their winegums with a false promise, and a top model named Heidi Klum. In one of the ads (screenshots below) Heidi talks to the camera about inner beauty, and that red noses and big ears don't matter "...it's just more to bite into" she giggles as she devours a winegum. The end tagline says "Katjes - yes yes yes!" and promises that their winegums only have 0.3% fat.

The only catch is that all winegums have only 0.3% fat. "You may not market your product as if it has a special characteristic, when all similar products have the same exact characteristic." says lawyer David Østervig Albertsen from the Danish Food board to Politiken newspaper. The misleading ads break the law, plain and simple. The winegums market with "only 0.3% fat" have been pulled off the market in Denmark and the TV ad campaign has also been stopped. Thank god, because it was annoying as hell - Danish website "hadereklame" (hate ads) agrees.

Last year the same food board fined the yogurt producer Danon 10000DKK for advertising Actimel as if could prevent disease.

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