Kelly Brook nude billboard airbrushed while Kelly speaks out against airbrushing

Rebook has ripped a page out of PETA's marketing handbook and flaunt a nude Kelly Brook on a billboard, well nude apart from the sneakers. It's already paying off as The Daily Panic Mail shouts breathlessly: Naked Kelly Brook posters blasted as 'deadly distraction for drivers', and it's likely to trot around the news all weekend if nobody strings a donkey on a parachute again. But then Kelly trips the momentum up by blasting airbrushed ads while standing in front of her airbrushed ad. Oh shoot, that was just another trick to get me to post about this uncreative piece of shit naked billboard. Drats, I fell for it, Kelly you sly dog.

Brook was speaking at the launch of her new poster campaign in London.
She said: "If people are being slimmed down in photographs then I think that should definitely be pointed out because you don't want to portray something that is unrealistic and unachievable to young teenage girls."
She admitted the picture in her new billboard advert was "probably" airbrushed.

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