Kids, carbonation, caffeine & commercials causing cavities & conniptions.


Kids, carbonation, caffeine & commercials causing cavities & conniptions.


You know when Nina Garin starts her story with "The raddest thing about soda...," you're in for an... err... interesting read. Regardless, the San Diego Union-Tribune takes on teens and the drinks that fuel them, including some interesting blurbs from the kids on how they react to commercials.

Totally rad, Nina.


"I know it's bad for you, like, it rots your teeth and stuff," says Kevin, relaxing with a group of friends on the Pacific Beach boardwalk. "That's true for all dark sodas. But I don't care, I drink it anyway."

Kevin need to be taught that it is the sodas sugar - not the dark that rots your teeth. I hope this is a misquote but I doubt it.

another quote from the article;

"We don't have machines at my school anymore," says Lauren, who lives in San Francisco but was hanging out in Pacific Beach. "They also stopped serving them with hot lunches. Now they just sell Gatorade and water."

Gatorade and water?? What happened to Milk Does a body good?

The raddest thing about soda is how it's sugary and bubbly and wonderful.

The what? Raddest? And here I thought the word "rad" died out in the eighties....

I win!

It does sound like a 50-something year old (who was trying to be young in the eighties) trying to sound young again. And failing miserably.

I'm ass-u-me-ing of course I could be completly wrong. But rad? That word can't be back already...

Don't worry - it's so gone gone gone that it doesn't even qualify for sardonic triple-inverted post-irony.

hahaha!! And I thought you couldn't bend it like that, something could only be rad - or more rad - or the rad sh*t - but not raddest. That's just wrong. ;)

from article:

"I think it's cool that, like, you know Shakira got famous enough in the United States to have her own commercials," she says. "Not that it's, like, the reason I drink Pepsi or anything. But I do feel like I should support her."

Reality check Kid - Buy Shakira's MUSIC instead of downloading it and you'll be supporting her (or her record label). Buy pepsi = Supporting Pepsi.

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