Kim Kardashian tweets ads for Quick Trim body

Kim Kardashian Quick Trim

Related to AlphaSquirrel's post Maytag gets Dooced, on the other side of celebrity Kim Kardashian is currently tweeting props for Quicktrim, complete with "non photoshopped" evidence.

8:12 PM Sep 11th from web

U can get Quick Trim now It works! Check out my twitpics! I lost my last 6 lbs fast & toned up! Loving QUICK TRIM

8:09 PM Sep 11th from web

Don't kill me @NickSaglimbeni 4 posting snapshots of our shoot, they aren't photoshopped yet, but who needs it! Quick Trim baby! Go get it!

Rrriiiight, because seeing a photo of a photo on a computer screen makes me immediately think "I bet that computer doesn't use photoshop". Go logic!

The 'stealth' advertising here is about as subtle as Kim's derriere. Come back Bongo Jeans all is forgiven! But Kim seems to not get a backlash like Dooce did, what gives?